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member-ai 19 and download

Part 19 of my serie

- JinRu DoS-love
- NaKame not paying attention to the rest of the group (specifically Taguchi and Kokis promotion)
- Peak-Performance: Junno pushes Nakamarus butt
- What does Nakamaru search on Junnos butt? (Revenge for above? ^.~)
- Is Ueda a secret JinRu shipper? 
- TaNakaNaka funny-faces duell
- NaKame SUGOII kawaii hug
- NaKame SUGOII hot stageshow

HELP: the mentioned kawai hug and the hot stageshow of NaKame I got from @sina but I would love to know the original fancam record(s). I posted the gifs too, anybody knows ?_?
I'm dying to see the whole thing

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member-ai 18 and download

Hi mina~

Part 18 finished

Highlights this time:
- best Akame, Kokame, NaKame sentence I've ever read from a fanreport *lolz again*
- Kame and Nakamaru seem to spend lots of private time togheter lately and even give their dates themes
- Koki and Nakamaru forget not to act like a married couple in front of the cameras (lots of fluff and ignoring each others personal space from youtachi)
- Jins shows affection towards Nakamaru like a little kid
- Taguchi enjoying way too much being DoM towards Nakamaru
- lots of hugging and love

Download via MU
MF is acting bitchy, perhaps later ^_^'

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member-ai 17 and download

Hello minna

let's end this year with some Member-Ai ^__^

WARNING: contains scenes from the new DVD. If you didn't watch it allready be aware of spoilers

- @new DVD, Koki's  We are all so touched because it's the end of the concert, but still I have to grab Nakamarus ass moment. Did you catch it? I did and laughed my ass of XDD
- What happens when Kame and Nakamaru shower togheter (well we can imagine that). No, not that hentais!
- cutest MaruDa Chibi pic (@4:46) such pure smiles
- many chibi NaKame and TaNaka pics I didn't kow before

I uploaded it on MF and MU for those who want ^_^

Enjoy the fun! 

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Crack Gifs and fanvideo downloads

As promised I've got some stuff for you: 
- all member-ai for Nakamaru (+Best ofs, + fake duets) videos on MU and MF
- MP3's of the fake duets (because I remember somebody asked for it some time ago)
- some crack gifs

[6] JinRu
[4] NaKame
[2] Nakamaru
[1] JunnoMaru

[1] macro: NaKame/TaNakanaka/KoKame it's a matter of interpretation XD


edit: does anybody know what happend to my former gif? suddenly there was only a text saying this popular image is avalaible at somewhere oò

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member-ai 16 and reupload all old videos!

Hello guess who's back  ^__^

the title says it all: I reuploaded
- all my Member-Ai for Nakamaru  videos (1-15)
- all Best ofs (best ofs member-ai videos 1-10 > JinRu, NaKame, TaNaka, MaruDa)
- Nakamaru Obsession
- fake duets (Kame x Maru KIZUNA, Kame x Maru x Jin LOVE YOURSELF, MaruDa x KAT-TUN YOUR SIDE) 

+ the the new Member-ai for Nakamaru 16 !!

PLEASE READ: all videos embded, means over 20 videos under the cut (not as heavy as pics I guess but who knows)

PLEASE READ : in the new Member-Ai video there is a joke about Jin leaving KAT-TUN if basically the whole video is about the joke.
If you're still too sad or touched by it, please don't watch the video. I don't want to sadden people I just try it to see it with a smile and make people laugh. I love all of KAT-TUN (means every letter ^_~)

PS: I posted the new video as first so you don't have to scroll all the way down to watch it
but it would be nice if you scroll down to leave me a comment ^_~


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xposted: kattunlove, yucchi_love 

Guess and me never gonna be friends >__

yessss again 4 vids deleted on one day. 

Reuploaded on 4shared. Is there a better site? I don't really like the quality loss T_T but at least nothing gets deleted here.

this time it hit: 
- MemberAi for Nakamaru 5, 7, 10 and 11

This was the second time with this account. Once again and my youtube account will be deleted again *cry* 

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